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Sony A7Sii, FJ SuperX 400

When a young boy is faced with bullies on his swim team, he must decide between becoming like them, or standing up for what he believes in.

By Ian
Panasonic GH4 , FJ H160s Pro

John and Lucy are in the middle of a frantic and chaotic escape with there lives literally hanging in the balance... but from what? who? and why?, will they get away or will they become the PREY. Shot on the GH4 with all drone shots done using a Phantom 2 drone and a GoPro 4. Primary lens was the Sigma 20mm f1.8 EX DG RF Aspherical other lens's used included the canon 50mm 1.8 and some select shots were done using some vintage Zeiss lens's. We used LED lighting panels for all the interior lighting. The film was edited in Premiere and graded in both Da Vinci Resolve and the Lumetri color panel. All shots were finished of using Film Convert. All muzzle flash's and 2d effects were done in After Effects and all 3d work was done using Autodesk Maya. Directed by James Millar Director of Photography Phil Chapman Music Composed by Chris Datson Sound Designer Viv Sharma Vfx and Editing was done by GiantDwarf Starring John - Tony Ceasar Lucy - Helen Clifford The Cre

By James Millar
Nikon D5300, KD 5213 Vis3

Based on Hallucination, AN ORDINARY MAN is searching a solution for his mental problem called a hallucination, but he unable to recognize his illusion personality is his own childhood face and his fear is his own face. This is film was inspired by the current situation of youth in Sri Lanka ,most number of the cases that we seeing today was happened really during the civil war, because of the culture we follow not allowing them to be bold to face this kind of abuse crimes in this country, their silence and the stress pushing them towards mental problems like hallucination and etc AASHIK ILAHI - YASHWANTH RAO - YOGAP A Short Film By DILA CHAN Cinematography - SHANE COULTON Editor - THUSHANI JOHN Background Score & Mixing - DILA CHAN ART - DALMEY AKASH Production Manager - PRABATH Graded With Film convert

By Dila Chan
Panasonic Varicam LT, IL D3200
To The Sea

1973: Two uncles take their nephew to the seaside with a dark purpose.

By R Paul Wilson
Arri Alexa Mini, FJ 8543 VD

Since I was a kid I had two things that fascinated me, space and movie making. I was fascinated by science, rockets and imagined myself becoming the first human to set foot on Mars. I took science and film classes during the summer, I worked hard to keep good grades, I did everything I thought will get me closer to my dream. But at 17 my parents divorced due to my mother mental illness, and one day I had no father, no house, no money, a very sick mother, and a small brother and sister that were looking up to me. For years we lived with friends, and relatives, and after a long list of mistakes, I reached bottom. I was homeless and broken. But God, the Universe, call it whatever you want, put people in my path that were able to see who could I become. I met the most beautiful human being, my wife, who showed me and taught me how to dream again. We came to this country 20 years ago, and now we have 3 amazing kids. I’ll take them to every rocket launch (even if they have to miss school

By Ricardo Bernardini
Canon 7D, KD 5207 Vis3
The Tragic Story of Roger and Maria

THE TRAGIC STORY OF ROGER AND MARIA is a short film based on a BBC article ( about the current war on drugs in the Philippines. It details the lives of two ordinary Filipinos from the poorest parts of Manila who happen to be the main players in this terrifying war.

By Kristine Gerolaga