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RED Raven, FJ 8543 VD
ODB's life

This little movie is a commercial for a glasses's company. They ask us to produce an original commercial movie with emotion, sport, family, children, nature, life... A little challenge. We find the idea to show how ODB (Bourbon's Optical) can help their customers in all their life through the eyes of them and how it can be when the company offer them awesome glasses. We direct this commercial with my team during 4 days with a lot of fun ! For the post production & color grading, Filmconvert was (is) the tool to use to improve a movie, so without thinking I used it for the color grading.

By Christophe Hamon
GH5, FJ 8543 VD
Petit Eden

1 year ago we went to Rodrigues (close from Mauritius) to travel with my pregnant wife and daughter. I came back in love with the country... I decide to edit this movie for the people of this eden island. I use the perfect tool film convert for the color grading, essential to give this film's style. Still in love of the result of the color grading today of this movie.

By Christophe Hamon
samsung mobile, FJ Prov 100

The short film is based on our common nightmares.we have tried to make this short film like as we are watching nightmares really. _________________________________________ comment your best nightmare with us................................... & If you like this , don't forget to share with your friends. _________________________________________ Keywords : Bangla Short Film Bengali Thriller short film Creepy video SWAPNAJAAL OFFICIAL TRAILER | GIAS UDDIN SELIM | PORI MONI | YASH ROHAN | BENGAL CREATIONS bangla short film 2017 2018 FilmConvert স্বপ্নজাল শর্ট ফিল্ম New short film shopno jaal bangla short film SWAPNAJAAL OFFICIAL TRAILER If you like the video, don't forget to subscribe Super Production and share this video with your friends for our betterment. Follow Super Production on: ▶Facebook: ▶Instgram: @SuperProductionOfficial ▶Twitter: ▶Email: #SuperProduction #

By Sizan Xawady
Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k, KD 5213 Vis3

It’s 2018 — and we’re no longer pushing the boundaries of the status quo, right? Wrong. Welcome to our world, filled with high-flying energy and a vibrancy of color, where normalcy is no longer tolerated and convention is kicked to the curb. We’re ready for a little role reversal. Meet the HUSBAND, a good looking man in a crisp suit with matching white gloves as he makes the long and nerve-wracking walk along to poolside to deliver a DRINK to his WIFE. She’s dressed in haute couture of course, an ombre dress by KFD, lounging in the sun and letting those So Cal rays kiss her skin. But her husband’s shadow falls over her face and interrupts her peace and quiet. Strike one. He offers the beverage and she takes a sip. Her face ripples with disgust because he’s made it wrong. Strike two. BUT… there are no strike three’s around here. She hurls him into the pool — a small price to pay — for making her martini too dry. And now she’s on a rampage. This goddess storms the house and

By Nathaniel Upshaw
SONY FS5, FJ 8543 VD

Dear Monday Two words that best describe an idea that I had been wanting to use as a premise for a short film for about a year. When my friend Antoine hired me to shoot commercial work in Utah back in April of this year, I figured this was a golden opportunity to do it. The location and timing were perfect to stay a few extra days and work on a fun personal project for which we had total creative freedom. We traveled through the desert in an RV for 7 days, hiked, ran, rode, jumped, screamed and laughed from dawn to dusk; classic indie filmmaking.

Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K, FJ Prov 100

A photographer experiences an unsettling occurrence in her studio during a photoshoot.

By Brock Brahmes