The FilmConvert Short Film Competition for 2018 is now closed! Thanks to everyone who entered. Check out the winning entries below!

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Panasonic GH4 (for performance footage), FJ 8563 RL
"The Grass is Dying"

This music video for indie artist George Adrian was shot with a Panasonic GH4 and Voigtlander Nokton lenses. FilmConvert was used to grade all the footage from the "smoother" key performance footage to the grainier faux 16mm shots peppered throughout. We also utilized a LUT generated from FilmConvert which was then imported into our Atomos Shogun Flame while we shot the video in Panasonic's VLOG. This was extremely helpful in giving us the ability to see exactly what we would get in the edit as we filmed.

By Robert Saitzyk
Lumix GH5, KD P400 Ptra
Blind Boy's Bluff

Three girls set out to play an innocent game in a cursed forest with a blind boy.

By Alexander S Bosco
DJI X5R, FJ 8553 ET
What's your name

There is magic in life, not only in the movies. This, is a true story of true people, This, we hope will inspire you and touch your heart as it did for us. Some call me light I bring warmth on earth Filling the air and hearts with vibrant colours At a new beginning, Or at the turn of a page I spread life, I am life I’m everywhere, Wrapping the world in my immensity Deep down feeding people Their body, their soul, their hearts I welcome life and cherish it Like mothers love their child I am the ocean I am the heart of the islands Where you can rest and seek exile Welcoming, like the smile of a child My ancient trees provide for the people My shores delicately carve their way out of the sea To reveal soft sands and warm hearts I am the soul of the forest I protect and care for my people Filling them with undemanding love

By Nicolas PETTE