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Geronimo Allison x Copper Correct | Commercial

This was our first commercial featuring an NFL Player, and for a brand outside of the Midwest. This was a huge opportunity, and we wanted to make the video epic! Instead of focusing only on the product, we chose to tell a piece of Geronimo Allison's story to help sell the mattress. It was his first commercial so he was just as excited as us!

Geronimo was putting in a lot of work on and off the field. Thanks to VaynerSports, we were able to shoot part of this inside Lambeau Field. We wanted to show even more, though. We found iconic locations around Green Bay, WI to shoot his workout scenes at. We were inspired by films like Rocky & Creed, and wanted this comm. to feel like that. More of a mini-movie than a mattress commercial.

By Alex

Panasonic GH4

KD 5207 Vis3

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