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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, FJ H160s Pro
Storm call - BMPCC Prores proxy test 2

Graded with filmconvert Shot with : Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, Polar C/y 28mm 2.8 lens In Prores proxy mode (high compression, because my cheap sd card cant take anything over than that) Song : On our side ( you tube music library)

By Adriano Leal
Sony A7S, FJ 8543 VD

Director: Fabrice Mancini
Camera operator: Fabrice Mancini- Arnaud Ly Van Mahn- Etienne Perrin-Studio Fly
Editing: Fabrice Mancini
FX: Fabrice Mancini
Graded with FilmConvert

canon 6d, After Effects, Premiere (OSX)
After Effects, Premiere (OSX)-FilmConvert-My internal and external world

Camera:canon 6d
software: After Effects, Premiere (OSX)

Intimate unintentional voyages towards external landscapes and organic representations due to impeccable internal melancholy linked with my artistic compulsion. unpreparedness facilitates accidental montages and political argumentativeness encompassed upon Indian subaltern philosophy. it producing ecstasy after the shoot as supper for the sacrifice which may emancipate intellectual nuance eventually while it conceiving.

By ananthakrishnan.b
Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera, FJ 8543 VD


By jasim
Canon C300, KD 5207 Vis3
Hyperice "Adrian Peterson"


By Christopher Sims
C300, KD 5207 Vis3
The Exploding Bakery

The Exploding Bakery is a wholesale cake bakery, who make traybakes using local and high quality ingredients. Everything is handmade in their open kitchen and cafe in Devon.

Shot on Canon EOS C300 mainly using my gorgeous vintage Pentax Super Takumar 50mm
Adobe Premiere CC
Graded using Filmconvert

By foxwellfilms
Panasonic Lumix gh3, KD 5207 Vis3
Wohnsinn - Portrait Anna Kestner

Es gibt sie, die Gegenstände, die jedem Wohnbereich eine individuelle Handschrift verleihen. Und es gibt diejenigen die für diese Individuelle Handschrift verantwortlich sind...

Ein Portrait über Anna Kestner.

Film von Joschka Möller
Piano: Sven Kirsten ( )
Gitarre: Lars Bremkamp ( )

Grading: Filmconvert Pro
Camera: Panasonic GH 3 with Voigtlaender 17,5mm, Canon 70-200mm, Canon 50mm FD, Walimex 35mm

By Joschka Möller
Blackmagic Production Camera, FJ 8534VD
4K | Hooked Blackmagic Harbour Filmconvert

Blackmagic 4K camera shoot of Rotterdam harbour, spot the AMIRA shot! Everybody seems to have their favorite spots, mine is the harbour of Rotterdam. When I got the Blackmagic 4K I spend three days in March driving around the harbour to capture some stuff. One day was so misty it turned into this video: the other two days turned into this video. The idea was to take a piece of music that was almost too wel known and abuse it. For more into on my experience with the Blackmagic camera check this page: Will soon update with some info on my editing experience, just incase anyone cares :) Filmconvert used for nice cinematic filmsy look. Here some behind the scene pics shot with the EOS M to give you some idea of the BM 4K setup: Music: Beethoven 5th Symphony Licensed from

By Maarten Toner
Canon EOS 5D MK III, KD 5207 Vis3
The Art of Steven Peters - (Film Convert Cinematography Competition Entry)

(Film Convert Cinematography Competition Entry)
Written and Directed by Wandy Sinesi-Giusti
Starring Jérôme Girault & Lola Mathiron
1rst Ass. Dir. : Benjamin Schirtz
Music: Cults - You know what I mean

By Wandy
5D mark3 and Sony A7, FJ Velv 100


this time, no assistant, no second videographer, but i enjoy the design, mood and feeling via shooting in Emma and Tondie's wedding. A carriage , A castle and a couple with full of love and sweetness , start their marrieage in fairytale way.Share their happiness in our latest heartwarming wedding video of Emma and Tondie.

????,??????,??Second Videographer,???????Emma & Tondie???????,????? ?????,????,?????????,???????????

BOSCO@BOZZ Production


By Bosco Shum
Canon 5d Mark 3, 7D, GoPro Hero 3+, Plrd 600, Fj 8543 VD, KD P400 Ptra (Full Frame and Flat)
One Day | Short FIlm (Film Convert)

Title: One Day
Logline: A story about a young relationship whose awkward moments lead to the perfect one.

Made for the Los Angeles, CA 48hr Film Festival 2014'.

Best Cinematography and Best Original Film Score.

Required Elements
1. Line of Dialogue - "That's what I'm talking about"
2. Prop - A Napkin
3. Genre - Fish Out of Water (being in an awkward situation)
4. Character - Sam or Sarah Joel

By Myles Matsuno
Sony FS 700, KD 5207 Vis3
King Of Hell Trailer (Graded with FilmConvert) Windsurfing na Narodowym prezentuje -
King Of Hell Trailer

- rezyseria, zdjecia, montaz - Modest Media -

By Michal Calka
Canon 550D, IL FN FP
Alley Cat

Alley Cat 27.septembris, 18:00 Miits Kashuks - Run video - Davis Jansons some colors with Film Convert

By Davis Jansons
Sony FS700, FJ Velv 100
City Life TV // Leader

I was asked to design the idents (Leader, Bumpers, Wipes, Titles) for the programming of CLC on the local broadcaster of Utrecht, Netherlands. City Life TV will be expected to go live on RTV Utrecht in the end of 2014 / beginning of 2015.

Film Convert used in post processing.

By Jordi Klepper
Panasonic GH3, KD 5207 Vis3
TRIN - I Am A Generation

Jordi Klepper -

Sham Ramsoebhag - D.O.P. Myanmar -
Jeroen Efterink - D.O.P. India

Tamar Klepper

Ryan Taubert - Kings (

Mattheus vd Steen
Heidi Baker
Reinhard Bonnke
Billy Graham

Film Convert is used for post processing.

By Jordi Klepper
Canon 7D (converted to IR) and a 5Dmk2, KD P400 Ptra
Infraroa - Full spectrum New Zealand

Shot and edited by
Massive thanks to Desturction Unit for letting me use their track Bumpy Road -

Full spectrum time-lapses were shot on a 7D converted by Spencer's with a Tiffen deep red filter on the lens.
Night shots were done on an EosM and a 5D2, all running magic lantern nightly builds. Grade was done in premiere using Film Convert

By mit
Sony a7s, SuperX
Ann and Dee || Same day edit wedding film [ Shafston House ] Filmconvert

Save the date cinematography specialises in wedding highlight films serving Brisbane and the northern/southern hinterlands.

By Zhihang
Sony F5, FJ 8543 VD

Client: Software Mind
Director: Mateusz Jemiol
DoP: Tomasz Zasada
Production Manager: Michal Schulz
Makeup: Mariola Smolinska
Key Grip: Tomasz Specjal
Postproduction: Rendered Sun

A short promo of iLumio - the innovative IT System that changes a regular hotel into a 21st century interactive service system :)

Technical details:
Shot entirely on Sony F5 2K slog2 (except for the 2 first shots - these are stock images, and timelapses- shot with Canon 5Dmk3).
Graded in AE: FilmConvert.

By Tomasz Zasada
Canon 5D, Canon 7D, KD 5207 Vis3

Short film about us. We all are one.
#Winner of NIKON PHOTO CONTEST 2015.

Color correction was done using FilmConvert.

By chris
Canon 60D, KD 5207 Vis3
Flew away (FilmConvert)

A short video shot on the trip to Hallendale beach and Everglade National Park.
Music- DUSK by Evan Duffy

By Lin Lin Kyaw Htet
Canon xa20, KD 5207 Vis3


By Marios Kleanthous
RED Dragon & Blackmagic 4k, KD 5207 Vis3
Nike "Deep Water"

Director: Matt Rainwaters
Cinematographer/Editor: Kyle Osburn

Shot on RED Dragon & Blackmagic 4k
Graded with FilmConvert

By Kyle Osburn
Canon C100, KD P400 Ptra
Kirsty & Sean Wedding Film Trailer, Lochside House Hotel

(If playback stutters, click 'HD' to watch the non HD version, and wait for grey bar to fill up all the way before playing)

Shot on Canon C100
Graded with Film Convert

By James Strange
Canon 5D mark II, FJ 8543 VD

FilmConvert Wedding Film Marianne & Thierry
Location: Lake Como, Italy
Wedding Planner: Italian Wedding Event
Photographers: Selene Pozzer & Mauro Pozzer
Videographers: Cassiana Castagna & Fabiano Dib Simão

By Fabi
Blackmagic Cinema Camera, FJ8553ET
The Raven Boy - Short film - FilmConvert Challenge

Entry for FilmConvert Challenge 2014 'The Raven Boy' tells a tale of a boy's adventure into a forest, that gets more than he bargained for when a conversation with a raven turns sour... Score by Directed, Produced & Edited by Harvey Walton Director of Photography - Antony Kwok Sound recordist - Kaly Bosznay Animal Handler - Adam Hough Artwork by - Lewis Heenan Behind the scenes at:

By Harvey Walton
Canon C100, Gh4, FUJI 8563
You Betta Belize It

Its my first documentary went to the beautiful country of Belize and captured my home church's first mission trip. My weapons of choice are GH4 and C100. Color graded with Film convert and Final cut x

By almediagroup
Nikon D800, FJ 8553 ET
The Seamless Love - The Wedding Day of Ketti & Arpit

May be it was their love, may be it was the fun loving family & friends, may be it was the beautiful weather; I do not know but there was something special about Ketti & Arpit's wedding day. I am saying this because I had lots of energy when we starting shooting at 5.30AM and I had same energy when we stopped shooting at 12.00AM. I show three things on that day around me: Love, Fun and Energy. This wedding is the perfect example of why we love to do Indian Wedding Cinematography.

When I talked to Ketti first time, I could here in her voice that it is going to be something different and challenging. Ketti & Arpit wanted something different for their SDE (Same Day Highlights) so we decided to do short shoot prior to the wedding day. They both are all about fun and that is what we tried to capture in the pre-wedding shoot using various props. All the credit goes to Ketti for selecting beautiful song for the highlights. We have done many SDE in past but this was the only ti

By Kamal
Canon 550D, KD P400 Ptra
Gavin and Danielle Pre Wedding Video

Took these two aside from the hectic party the night before their wedding to give them one last moment to relax before their big day.

graded using Film Convert Color Grading Software.

By Vince Whiteman
Sony NEX FS700, KD P400 Ptra
Sean and Sarah Engagement Announcement

Camera: Sony NEX FS700
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC using Film Convert Color Grading Software

By Vince Whiteman
Canon T3i with Magic Lantern, FJ 8563 RL
You Never Know (Short Film)

A young Man recalls to his Youth Pastor a time when he reluctantly witnessed to someone at a hair salon and failed. STARRING: Jimmy McMillan Micky Halliday Catherine Stewart George Burns Graded using Film Convert Pro

By James Burns
Canon T3i with Magic Lantern, Plrd 600
Open Hands

Goldfield, Arizona 1983. Young rancher Clay Cain has been arrested for the murder of Luke Owens, a shady card player, who cheated Clay's senile father of the Cain Family Ranch in an all-in hand of poker. Clay grabs a handful of dirt as he is took to the town jail. There he stares at all he has left, his land.

Meanwhile Pops (played by the late Terry Bowker) must convince his grandson Jeremiah that hate can lead you head-first down a long road of heartache to find yourself left with nothing but a handful of dirt.

Open Hands is an ambitious, action packed short film made by the youth of New Life Full Gospel Fellowship Church in Mesa Arizona.

Mickey Halliday, Catherine Stewart, "Tall" George McMillan, Jimmy McMillan, Joe Halliday, Terry Bowker, Billy Willson, P.H. Baker, Nelson McMillan, Hughie Stewart, Mary Donahue, Mary D Burns, John Al McMillan, Jimmy McMillan Sr.

Shot on a Canon T3i
Edited with Adobe P

By James Burns
Canon 5D MkII, Fuji Velvia
The Art of Making, The Carpenter

The ‘Art of Making’ series aspires to display and highlight certain people, which go against the spirit of today’s pessimism and desperation. They dare to dream and create with zeal and imagination. Armed with passion for knowledge and emotion, they attempt to combine the precision of science with the elegance and resourcefulness of art. We thank them wholeheartedly for their contribution.

directed / edited / vfx - Dimitris Ladopoulos, Spiros Rasidakis
director of photography - Nikos Mexis
sound design - Nikos Tsines
music - The Three Corners of the Earth, The Fire Shall Devour Us

(shot using available light, with Canon 5D+7D, edited in Final Cut Pro X, tracked with PFTrack, composited in After Effects and FilmConverted)

By Dimitris Ladopoulos (Deep Green Sea)
Canon 5D MkII, Fuji Velvia
White Tuna

Serrats, art in the elaboration of handmade preserves

Software - After Effects, FilmConvert

By Dimitris Ladopoulos (Deep Green Sea)
Canon 5D MkII, Fuji Velvia
The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca

Pieces of wood, love, knowledge and 299 hours of work, condensed in a 3 minute film.

The ‘Art of Making’ series aspires to display and highlight people who go against the spirit of today’s pessimism and desperation. They dare to dream and create with zeal and imagination. Armed with passion for knowledge and emotion, they attempt to combine the precision of science with the elegance and resourcefulness of art. We thank them wholeheartedly for their contribution.

Directed & VFX - Spiros Rasidakis, Dimitris Ladopoulos
Director of photography - Nikos Mexis
Editing - Yiannis Kostavaras
Sound design - Nikos Tsines
Guitarist & composer - Edsart Udo De Haes
Guitar maker - Vassilis Lazarides
Software - After Effects, FilmConvert

visit film page

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By Dimitris Ladopoulos (Deep Green Sea)
Canon 5dII, FJ H400 Pro

My first real test with my canon 5D MKII in magic lantern RAW video. Shot during my trip to Charlevoix region in Quebec , Canada.

There is so many possibilities with colours when shooting RAW, it's just beautiful.

Graded in Davinci Resolve And Filmconvert

By Jonathan Bonenfant
Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF, KD 5207 Vis3
The Glaskrafter and Potter

Featuring Chris Smith and Jane Murray-Smith of Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada.

Audio: Gareth Dickson - Happy Easters

Wyatt Visuals - Vancouver Video Production
Shot on: Blackmagic Cinema Camera (Bmcc) Dnxhd
Audio: Rode Ntg-2, Mixpre-d, Tascam dr40
Lenses: Sigma 8-16, Tokina 11-16, Samyang 24, Nikon 50 ais, Nikon 100 ais
Graded: Davinci Resolve and Film Convert

By Mark Wyatt
Canon 5D, FJ Velv 100
Ori-Sight - Short Film

When is reality TV too real?

A short Sci-Fi drama created Independently with an extremely low-budget.

Directed By: Ibrahim Hodroj
Original Screenplay By: Chris Ossman
Adapted Screenplay: Yehia Rashid
Produced By: Ibrahim Hodroj
Director Of Photography: Adham Zahran - Ibrahim Hodroj
Edited By: Ibrahim Hodroj
Music By: Lost Harmonies
Sound Recording By: Ziad Ahmed
Prop Maker: Ziad Ahmed
Grading Plugins : Lut Buddy & Film Convert

By Ibrahim Hodroj
Canon 5D Mk3, KD TrX 400
Angelina (Official Video Music)

Videoclipe para a banda DEVIATION / Official Music Vídeo by the DEVIATION band.

Música / Music: "Angelina" (Dani Dread)

Atores convidados / Cast: LUA GARCEZ, PEDRO MAC
Direção e Edição / Direction and Edition: PEDRO MURAD
Ass. de Direção / Assist. Direction: PEDRO MAC
Preparação de Elenco / Coach: ANAMELIA ROCHA
Fotografia / D.P.: MARCIO RISCADO
Direção de Arte / Art Direction: LARA BEATRIZ, TAMARA TORRES G.
Maquiagem / Make: FÁTIMA BRASIL

Post-prod: FilmConvert TrX 400

By Pedro Murad
Canon 5D Mark III, Velvia 100
EL HUESPED - Trailer - Premiado en FANT 2014



Dirigido por Xabier Elkorobarrutia ( Txabi )

Idea original de THE FRIKI KINGS BAND

Canon 5D Mark III
Adobe Premiere
Davinci Resolve

By Txabi
Sony FS700, FJ H160s Pro
Sun Chasers

Sun Chasers is a short film I made on a Sunday afternoon with breakdancers Preston Kyd & Tarquin Samuels, and is one many "just for fun" videos I will be uploading on my personal channel from now on.

The title is derived from the fact that we were chasing the sun, rushing from location to location, trying to shoot after the harsh sunlight faded and just before the sun set. We filmed around various locations of our hometown in Durban, South Africa.

Breakdance is a beautiful form of expression, there is something captivating and unreal about being in mid air for just over 1 second, whether you're the dancer or the viewer, you

can't help but say "Wow."

I aimed to prolong that "Wow" moment with the use of super slow motion. I hope you enjoy watching this and this if you have any technical questions, just leave a comment!

The track, used with kind permission, is Katy B - 5AM (Sketchy Bongo Remix)

By Yash Bagwandeen
Lumix GH3, PLRD 600 (but i set source camera on Arri alexa R709 with 50% on film color)
Leïla - Herboriste

À Brains, Leïla Si Moussa est l’une des rares exploitantes agricoles qui récolte et commercialise des plantes médicinales dans l’agglomération nantaise. Elle compose un choix de tisanes à partir de récoltes dans son grand jardin et en cueillette sauvage.

Plus d'infos sur " les tisanes de Leïla " :
Leila Si Moussa - La Pilaudière - 44830 Brains -
Distribution : AMAP - Magasin de la Ranjonnière - Bouguenais - Le Wagon - Pannecé - Marchés

Image : Lumix GH3 - Filtre hoya
Son : cravatte sennheiser et rode videomic
Montage : FCPX
Grading : FilmConvert

By thomas rault
bmpcc, KD 5207 Vis3

Shot on a bmpcc. Graded with Filmconvert. All on FCPX. It's shot in ProRes/Film/25frames. We shot it in 12,5 hours divided over 5 days. Our main actress, Celé de Plessis did an amazing job as did all the other people that we worked with on our daily shoots. We shot it all on location in Capetown and her surroundings. A beautiful place filled with lovely people.

By christoph van der bij
Red Scarlet, Canon mkiii, 6D, C100, FJ Velv 100 35mm FullAp!!! LOVE THIS!!!
"Perpetual" Student-Made Music Video Story

This music video is a story about two artists who meet each other through dreams, their art, and ultimately by God who loves them dearly.

Executive Producers:
Dayna and Tim Cooper

Tyler Johnson
Hannah Puder
Emily Puder

Directing, Cinematography and Editing:
Tyler Johnson

Story Board Artist and Art Director:
Brian Heath

Production Design:
Morgan Burke

Story Consultants and Super Heroes:
Professor Boland
Auri Jones
Britany Johnson

Camera Operators:
Sarah Beth Stone (DualStone Productions)
Josiah Blizzard
Micah Lindstrom

Brian Heath
Nathan Banister

A special Thank You:
My dear and beloved Mother who has always been there for me (Dayna Cooper)
My Dad,

By Tyler Johnson
sony ex1, FJ 8543 VD
? Sweet Peak ft. Maja Založnik - Le Croissant ? [HD] (Fame & Flame) (reupload) directed by : Robert Hedzet d.o.p : Crt Erjavec make-up & costumography : Petra Fröhlich editing : Fame & Flame Team color correction : Robert Hedzet (with FilmConvert) cast : Goran Radovanovic, Sara Stevanovic, Petra Albrecht, Eva Ferk, Pastir Andrej Prešeren, Franc Robnik, Anja Vajhandl, Mateja Belna, Daniel Zamorano Rojas, Sara Muster sponsored by : Pekarna Geršak special thanks : Lindström, Velika Planina,MC Jedro Medvode, Žagarski mlin, Turisticna kmetija Pr´Mirnik, Sara Mlakar, Robert Perko FF booking & PR : Petra Fröhlich Sweet Peak ft. Maja Založnik - Le Croissant MUSIC : music : Sweet Peak composer : Mario Cižic arranger : Dino Zorec lyrics by: Tilen Majeric vocals : Maja Založnik musette: Riki Zadravec T.: 00386 31 559 798 E.: https://www.facebook

By Robert Hedzet
sony fs700, FJ 8543 VD
? Nushy - Wanna Be My Cowboy ? [HD] (Fame & Flame) Directed by : Robert Hedzet D.O.P : Blaž Gregoric Make-Up & Hair : Petra Fröhlich Styling : Petra Fröhlich Editing : Fame & Flame Team Color : Robert Hedzet (with FilmConvert)) Cast : Mitja Laznik, Tibor Golob, Roko Djuric, Luka Plazina, Toni Jureško, Martin Roncevic, Alen Softic, Karlo Bracic Photography : Tibor Golob Location : Buffalo Bill City Vrsi Special thanks : Big thanks go to shop CHILLUM, Sl.Gradec, for renting clothes and unique jewelry! Sedlarstvo Orter, Usnjarstvo Handanovic, Blaž Apacnik, Mark Smrtnik, Marjan Krajnc, Cross Country Club Legen and Mateja Koprivec - Palomino d.o.o. for renting riding equipment!! Buffalo Bill City Vrsi (Zadar), Ivanica Bukva, Sanja Lukic Bukva, Robert Perko Sponsors; Generalni sponzor - Mehiška restavracija SALOON - Zavarovalnica Maribor - New Yorker Store - Company Vabo - Company Acron - Medikem - Royal Pub - Pristar - Gradbeništvo Kuster Bo

By Robert Hedzet
sony fs700, FJ 8543 VD
? Tekochee Kru - Se vozim ? [HD]

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD : Directed by: Robert Hedzet D.O.P: Blaž Gregoric aerial shots: Aleš Bajc ( Makeup/hair: Petra Fröhlich Edit : Mitja Mitruševski Cast: Marin Šebalj - Kuna, Matic Silc, Marisa Anušic, Svetlana Arsic, Iris Avdic, Špela Lavrinc, Giovanni Nezlomljivi, Peter Jereb, Matej Razpet, Stanci, Prelc, Rudan editing: Fame & Flame Team special effects: Ghost color correction : Robert Hedzet (with FilmConvert) special thanks : GT22, Robert Perko, Band Super Action Heroes, Družina Jereb, Special Guest : Dino Hajderovic Booking & PR for FF: Petra Fröhlich Prvi single in videospot: Se vozim Kakšna je lahko pot, ko avto napolnijo bizarni liki, ki se med seboj ne poznajo? Kaj se zgodi, ko Batman po prekrokani noci sredi ceste pozabi odklenjen Batmobil? Kakšen je ulov perverzneža, ki mu misli okupirajo študentke v iskanju prevozov in denarja? Mariborski rap kolektiv Tekochee Kru pr

By Robert Hedzet
panasonic gh3, FJ 8543 VD
? Manche & Rale - Nijedna kao ti ? [HD] (Fame & Flame)

***PREPOVEDANO JE NALAGANJE VIDEOSPOTA NA DRUGE KANALE*** directed by : Robert Hedzet d.o.p : David Burk make-up / hair: Petra Fröhlich styling : Petra Fröhlich casting : Amanda Šabic editing : Fame & Flame Team color correction : Robert Hedzet (with FilmConvert) download link : POWERED BY : Silverfire SPECIAL THANKS : Klub Top Six Situla New Yorker Slovenia Booking & PR : Petra Fröhlich MUSIC : Music: Kc Blaze, Luka Radakovic - Rale, Željko Mladenovic (Apollo Music Studio) Aranzma: Luka Radakovic Rale, Elvir Ceman Manche Text: Elvir Ceman Manche Mix & Master: Željko Mladenovic (Apollo Music Studio) FIND US ON FACEBOOK : Manche: https://w

By Robert Hedzet
panasonic gh3, FJ 8543 VD
? Manche & Rale & Armani - Ove godine ? [HD] (Fame & Flame) directed by : Robert Hedzet d.o.p : David Burk make-up : Petra Fröhlich casting : Amanda Šabic location manager : Vid Izlakar editing : Fame & Flame Team color correction : Robert Hedzet (with FilmConvert) cast : Patricija Bezek, Amanda Šabic, Samanta Šabic, Katja Mihelcic, Anja Jenko, Maja Rajšter, Vanja Kneževic Sošic, Tomi Gomilšek special thanks : Mitja Kmetec, Vid Izlakar Booking & PR : Petra Fröhlich THIS HOUSE IS FOR SELL : DOWNLOAD : MUSIC : Music: Luka Radakovic Rale Text: Elvir Ceman Manche Arranger: Elvir Ceman Manche, Luka Radakovic Rale Mix & Master: Željko Mladenovic (Apollo music studio) FIND US ON FACEBOOK : Manche: Rale: Armani: https://www.fac

By Robert Hedzet
panasonic gh3, FJ 8543 VD
? Challe Salle feat. Zala - Nisi sam ? [HD] (Fame & Flame) *NAROCI NOV ALBUM KRISTALNO JASNO NA * directed by : Robert Hedzet d.o.p : David Burk make-up & hair : Petra Fröhlich styling : Petra Fröhlich editing : Fame & Flame Team color correction : Robert Hedzet (with FilmConvert) cast : Challe Salle, Damjan Jovic, Adam Velic, Zala Deželak, Boštjan Veinhandl, Blaž Kramaric, Matevž Vidmar, Jaka Dornig, Erik Francelj, Vid Mravlje, Benjamin Radic, Fejzo Alagic, Janez Kladnik, Alen Begic, Patrick Managure,Dino Hajderovic, Miha Zupan, Rok Tomažin, Alen Beganovic, Anes Langic, Tilan Fakin Ravmanovski, Tian Felix Fakin Ravmanovski, Thanks to : Uprava RS za izvrševanje kazenskih sankcij, ZPKZ Dob, Trgovina za nosecnice in mamice Popek, New Yorker, Jože Podržaj, Aleš Tibljaš, Bojan Majcenter, Železniški muzej Slovenije, Mladen Bogic, Lindstrom, Tjaša Abraham, Valter Kobal, Bad Boys Elite (

By Robert Hedzet
Canon 5D mark 3, Fuji SuperX 400
Old Craftsman Portrait

Shot in Belgrade, Serbia. © 2014 Lazar Bogdanovic and Hristina Papadopulos Graded with DaVinci Resolve and Film Convert using Fuji SuperX 400 stock The term craft is a Turkish loan word of Arab origin, and denotes skill or knowledge. Crafts are forerunners of industrial mass production. Craftsmen who perfected their craft would make their product from beginning to end. Once, the shops of old craftsmen such as candy makers, bookbinders, candlemakers, watchmakers or tailors could be seen everywhere, but now they are few and far between. Although these professions are not lucrative anymore, there are several craftsmen in Belgrade who save their crafts from oblivion. As a rule, anyone who practices old crafts inherited that occupation from the previous generations as a family tradition. Mass production enabled products which are far cheaper than the ones old craftsmen used to make and slowly made old crafts sink into oblivion. Art Director / Hristina Papadopulos Cinematography / Lazar

By Lazar Bogdanovic