Under the Apple Tree – User Showcase

Gatze Zonneveld My name is Gatze Zonneveld and I’m the owner of a boutique animation studio in the Netherlands, called RocknRoll Animation. I studied animation at the Utrecht School of Arts, after which I worked in visual effects for a couple of years. Itching to get back into actual animation film making, I decided to… Continue reading Under the Apple Tree – User Showcase

Post Ebola Sierra Leone – FilmConvert User Showcase

Maarten Slooves Give us a bit of detail about yourself – background, profession, how you got into filmmaking and your current role I’m a Netherlands-based cinematographer and drone pilot. I work with a number of production companies and produce content for clients directly. My interest in film and photography started in my early twenties when… Continue reading Post Ebola Sierra Leone – FilmConvert User Showcase

Nowhere Mind – FilmConvert User Showcase

Nowhere Mind Ben Nissen – director I’ve been a filmmaker for most of my life. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2005 with a Cinematography / Documentary degree. Now I manage Groupon’s in-house video team at their Chicago headquarters. Nowhere Mind was a film I started writing back in 2012, and in 2015, we started production on… Continue reading Nowhere Mind – FilmConvert User Showcase

I Did Her Wrong – FilmConvert User Showcase

Francisco Campos-Lopez is an award-winning filmmaker and writer.  He knew he wanted to create films since he was a child watching Indiana Jones. Francisco Campos-Lopez As Francisco developed his talent, he infused his work with his rebellious nature. Breaking away from the norm, and forming his own dream team of rebels, he began creating his first films… Continue reading I Did Her Wrong – FilmConvert User Showcase

Kayan: Beyond The Rings

Marko Randelovic is a self-taught documentary filmmaker from the UK. His film ‘Kayan’ explores the so-called ‘long-neck’ villages of Northern Thailand and the relationship of the Kayan people to their tourists and visitors. Marko Randelovic I travel around the world making documentary films about stories that inspire or excite me, I’ve been doing this for… Continue reading Kayan: Beyond The Rings

Datarock – Laugh in the Face of Darkness music video

Director and cinematographer Sjur Pollen talks about the process of making the comeback music video for Norwegian electronic rock band Datarock. Sjur Pollen – director and cinematographer I’ve been interested in movies and film making since I first saw Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ as a kid. Somehow, this movie felt different to me, and ever since I wanted… Continue reading Datarock – Laugh in the Face of Darkness music video

‘The Balkan Line’ – Russian feature film

Aleksandr Verholak started his career as a freelance colorist in Moscow in 2010, and is now based in Los Angeles. Below, he describes how he created the look for the Russian feature film ‘The Balkan Line’. The Balkan Line (click thumbnails for gallery) Aleksandr Verholak FILM & MUSIC Reel | colorist Aleksandr Verholak from Aleksandr… Continue reading ‘The Balkan Line’ – Russian feature film

Andrew Kelemen – User Showcase

Andy Kelemen is a commercial director with a specialty in making weird stuff. His work often features over-the-top visuals and he creates ads that focus on real people, sometimes in the mockumentary style. “I’ve been using FilmConvert for a number of years now on projects for brands such as Disney, American Express, Jack Link’s, NatGeoWild, Pedialyte… Continue reading Andrew Kelemen – User Showcase