Watch the FilmConvert Competition Winners 2015

Watch the top films from the 2015 Film competition Every year we hold an annual film competition. It’s a great opportunity for us to see what all the talents filmmakers in the FilmConvert community have been working on, as well as a great way for you guys to showcase your work. We’re always very overwhelmed by… Continue reading Watch the FilmConvert Competition Winners 2015

Loic Zimmermann, ‘A Solitary Mann’

Loic Zimmerman is a filmmaker and art director based in Los Angeles. His new film, ‘A Solitary Mann’, profiles the contemporary painter Jeremy Mann, in an impressionistic and absorbing portrait. Loic Zimmermann – I’m very influenced by the cinema of the 70’s in general, Martin Scorsese, Sydney Lumet, Sam Peckinpah, Francis Ford Coppola, … but… Continue reading Loic Zimmermann, ‘A Solitary Mann’

Riccardo Gabrielli, ‘Cinco’

The Film ‘Cinco’ is a indie thriller set in New York City about a conwoman who gets into a dangerous face-off against a dangerous enemy. Although shot on a Canon 5D mkIII, the production values and cinematography make the film look like a high-budget Hollywood production – check out director Riccardo Gabrielli’s interview on how he… Continue reading Riccardo Gabrielli, ‘Cinco’

Alex D. Levin, ‘Surfing Galicia’

Alex Levin shot this surfing film in Spain over the winter. It features beautiful aerial photography and natural landscapes. Camera Settings Source Camera: Sony A7s, S-log2 Film Stock: KD 5213 Vis3 Film Color: 100% Curve: 10% Grain: 0-10% Alex D. Levin – For this project I was going for a cool, natural look. We… Continue reading Alex D. Levin, ‘Surfing Galicia’

Josh Winger, ‘Truly and Madly’

‘Truly and Madly’ is a romantic film portrait of a young couple in love, directed by Josh Winger. Camera Settings Source Camera: Panasonic GH3 Natural profile Film Stock: Kodak Vis 3 & Fuji Velvia Josh Winger – Little Island Films Filmconvert was an important discovery for me. For a long time I was looking for… Continue reading Josh Winger, ‘Truly and Madly’

Of Two Lands, ‘Portrait of Greenland’

Florence and Amberly form the filmmaking partnership ‘Of Two Lands’. Together, they have made travel films in New Zealand, Indonesia, and, as depicted in ‘Portrait of Greenland’, the vast remote continent north of the Arctic Circle. Camera Settings Source Camera: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Film Stock: KD 5207 VIS3 Film Color: ~100% Curve: ~100% Grain:… Continue reading Of Two Lands, ‘Portrait of Greenland’

Jay Passarella – User Showcase

Jay Passarella directed this music video by Rayvon Reed, a cover of Zayn’s ‘Pillowtalk’. He had the major challenge of shooting in a very bright environment, while need to keep a natural exposure to maintain the skin tones of the actors in the video. Camera Settings Source Camera: Panasonic GH4, CineLike D Temperature: 5300 Film… Continue reading Jay Passarella – User Showcase

Delicious Cinema, ‘Heritage’

Gab Tarabously is the cinematic mind behind Delicious Cinema, a production company that highlights the world of food and the people who passionately dedicate their lives to feeding others. His ‘Culinary Filmmaking’ projects have been nominated for a James Beard Award, and his most recent collection of stories, ‘Heritage’, won the 2016 Webby Award for… Continue reading Delicious Cinema, ‘Heritage’

The San Diego Highwayman – Foster Visuals

FilmConvert Settings Canon 5D MKIII, Cinestyle/Flat FJ 8553 ET film stock Grain: 10-20%, 35mm full frame Color: 70-80% Brent Foster – The Interview I worked as a photojournalist for years covering daily news assignments, and focusing later in my career on longer social issue based photo essays overseas. I really got into filmmaking by discovering… Continue reading The San Diego Highwayman – Foster Visuals